Bicycle Accidents

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A serious bicycle accident can result in severe bodily injuries and can significantly disable a victim’s life. Medical bills, loss of wages, post-traumatic stress and the emotional impact can add up to leave a victim depleted. But if your wreck was caused by another driver’s negligence, you should not have to pay for these losses out of your own pocket.

Damaged Bicycle With A Bent Wheel

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At Pena Law, we understand the physical and emotional impact a serious bicycle accident can have on you or a loved one, and we are determined to help you recover any and all medical and personal losses that you might have incurred. Our consultation is free, and we will provide you with a plan of action for your case.

Common bicycle accident scenarios

We understand that bicycle accidents can happen at any time in Southern California, as it is both a popular form of transportation and leisure activity. Here are some of the most common bicycle accident scenarios:

The "Left Cross"

This is the most common bicycle accident scenario. A motorist making a left-hand turn fails to yield to the oncoming cyclist in the opposite lane, and the bicyclist either collides with the front passenger side of the vehicle or the car runs the bicyclist over.

The "Right Hook"

This scenario happens too often when the motorist is unaware or pays no attention to the cyclist they just passed and make a right hand turn directly in the path of the cyclist without signaling or checking their right-hand mirror to ensure the coast is clear.

The "Dooring Accident"

When a motorist or passenger open their car door in the vicinity of a bike lane unaware of bicyclists riding through.

Unexpected Backing Up

Motorists should be looking back and utilizing their mirrors before backing up, but there are many times when bicyclists are overlooked because of their small stature.

Intersection Accidents

Most bicycle v. auto accidents happen in and around intersections when drivers attempt to run red lights or proceed into the intersection when a cyclist is already crossing.

What should I do next?

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, follow these steps to protect and preserve your rights:

1. Make a report

Wait for the police to arrive and make sure there is a police report made. Give your statement to the police and report any injuries, no matter how minor. Remember to get the accident report number before the police leave the scene.

2. I think I have a case

If you get into a bicycle accident while following the rules of the road and believe someone else is at fault, call an attorney to see if you have grounds for a case. An attorney will answer all your questions and help guide you through filing a suit.

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